Huge Holiday Sale on Veritas Cosmetics

Happy Holidays Lovers!
As most of you know this year was a difficult one for myself as well as for  those of you watching from home.

I feel like I owe you all a little explanation as well as a hearty holiday discount on or www.

So here it goes upon leaving MobWives I was offered so many projects that I couldn't possibly do them all but if you know me at all;You know that I tried!

    After filming several projects (more than 6) and working my tail off (but not my horns don't worry) I found myself exhausted and not truly pleased with any single idea I had been presented well except for 1 and that 1 failed due to budget constraints. 
     But at least I had the holidays to look fwd too and with my birthday being on thanksgiving this year was going to be great,that was until my grandmother landed in the hospital for 3 weeks encompassing the corresponding dates of my birthday,thanksgiving and the Mobwives premiere party :( so here it is December and I'm exhausted  having done literally nothing that you will see on tv anytime soon. I feel like I've let down the viewing public but every cloud does have it's Silverlining At least we've got Karen Gravano back on MobWives this season! I love her dearly as you all know and I'm so sorry that I didn't get to celebrate with her but that night in particular it was crucial that I stay with my grandmother& it was worth it because grandma is making a remarkable recovery. I'd really like to Thank those of you that prayed for my Grandma's recovery&celebrate the holidays with you by discounting all of veritas cosmetics  with discounts up to 60%! So check out the site for some great stocking stuffers at their new discounted prices and if it's not makeup ur looking for stop by my /shop/UrMaddesrHatter for jewelery,hats,scarves,gloves and even dollhouse miniatures. I'll post more details and photos as they become available.

Thank You,Love Majewski

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Now none of u will ever be safe again!!!

The secret to staying Soft n Supple in Sub-Zero weather.

Jack Frost isn't just nipping at your nose,He's out for all your skin.Dry skin can get itchy and uncomfortable.These are just a few of the ways I prevent & protect my skin from harsh winter weather. I hope they work for you as well as they do for me. xo~L

Snow removal  aka Exfoliation

Under a microscope healthy skin cells are round like tiny bubbles bursting with moisture,Dry dead skin cells are flat almost like snow covering the ground.Start by removing dead (ashy) skin cells so that moisturizers can penetrate deeper and reach your fresh healthy cells. The best way to do this is by exfoliating. In the summer when your nice & tan you don't want to slough of your color but in the winter you want a deeper scrub (Snow removal) Slightly dampen your skin in the shower with WARM (not hot) water,Then step back out of the spray and turn the water to it highest hottest setting (be careful to stay out of the water) We just want the steam to loosen up those skin cells and open your pores to the exfoliant. Standing in the steam begin with your elbows & knees(save your feet for last) using circular motions work your scrub over your arms,legs etc.For an even deeper clean you can scrub on dry skin I save that for feet. I avoid scrubs with pits,seeds,nut or shards of anything.Play it safe look for circular beads that will loosen the dead cells up without causing microscopic tears on the surface of the skin like something sharp might.


Try layering your moisturizers like you do your clothing.I suggest using a body oil in the shower on damp skin then a quick rinse will leave you hydrated but not slippery after towel drying apply a cream or lotion,lightly pat excess product with a towel before clothing.

Extended exposure

Whether Skiing,Snowboarding or just plain old waiting for the express bus try using your left over SPF from the summer as a barrier cream against harsh winter winds.Although we think of SPF as a preventive measure its full of anti-oxidants and is a great repair,restore treatment,sealing in moisture while fighting free-radical damage and premature aging.Besides most people don't realize that it expires and end up saving it and ultimately getting sun burned the following summer.

Nighttime is the Right Time

P.M. for heavy creams that leave a residue apply under pajamas,socks and either aloe infused or light cotton gloves, Apply your richest creams to clean skin and then slip on you sleep clothes.Remember if you don't normally apply eye cream at night? winter is a good time to start. 

Face First

Again use a heavier cream at night, In the daytime we want to protect from windburn and freezing temperatures and at night we want to repair the damage of the day.

Happy hydrating~ xoxox~Love
P.S. Don't forget to tune into MobWives on Vh1 Sunday Nights.

If I could only store these bags in the overhead compartment (instead of under my eyes)

(The following are merely my opinions based upon my experience as a cosmetologist/makeup artist/Beauty adviser that are not in anyway meant to replace the advice of a trained medical professional.That being said if you feel your issue maybe the result of a medical condition or a hereditary factor please do not hesitate to seek your physician's advice.)

Thank you Tweethearts for all your fab beauty question submissions I'll try to answer as many as I can here more than a few addressed under eyes puffiness aka The Baggage. So let's start there!

As hectic as our lives have become it's no wonder that many of us find ourselves looking less than fresh under our eyes,whether it's dark circles,puffiness,crows feet or swollen sagging eyelids.

I can't cure hereditary eye issues or those that stem from anemia or a vitamin deficiency but I can give you some tips on how to soften their appearance and in some cases how to rid yourself of them all together.If these pro M.U.A. secrets don't work for you,then I'd suggest making an appointment with your physician,Remember if it's important to you it should be important to your Dr. as well. Medical professionals are there to help,But they can't help unless their given the chance.So don't be afraid to visit your Dr.for something less than a severed limb. Some times under eye issues can be signs of a larger problem ie.(iron deficiency,high blood pressure or excessive sodium)

Here are some quick fixes:

#1~Invest in a quality eye cream:Be sure to read the label thoroughly and make sure it addresses your specific concerns,If a sales associate is available ask as many questions as you can.

#2~Be sure you are using a cream specifically labeled for eyes and not just a face cream.You see face cream is designed to bind large molecules of moisturizer into areas that have pores and produce their own oil,the texture of under eye skin is different it's thin and using the wrong cream in that delicate area can cause the moisture to become trapped under the delicate skin and create puffiness. So read all your creams thoroughly.

#3~If it's puffiness rather than darkness I would suggest an eye gel rather than a cream,the lighter weight will help release any moisture trapped under your epidermis.

Rules of Concealment:

#1~Think camouflage! Make sure your concealer is only one shade lighter than your foundation,a very common mistake is to choose a drastically lighter concealer in an attempt to cover dark areas.When concealer is too light it acts as a highlighter and draws more attention to the discoloration giving you a kind of Owl eye effect.

#2~Less is More. Take time to really look at the dark area and only place concealer where it's dark don't just lather it under the eye all over even if you are in a hurry. Too much concealer can create a raccoon effect.

#3~Just a dab will do ya!Try mixing your eye cream and your concealer together on the back of your hand and then apply by dabbing dots under your eyes.Using your ring finger(you will get less tension from this finger than from your index)Rock back and forth under the eye NEVER DRAG your fingers hurriedly! Tugging at delicate under eye skin will create the appearance of wrinkles.Now as your cream soaks in your concealer will set to a flawless finish.

Here are some healthy remedies:

#1~H20,Increasing your water intake will help hydrate your skin all over your body including under your eyes and it will flush out toxins that cause free radical damage,it's good for everything.

#2~A little known Vitamin which is designed specifically to promote under eye health is Lutein,this supplement has also been said to aid with healthy vision.It generally is sold in jars of 40-45 mg doses just one soft gel daily is appropriate.
This is just the brand name I happen to have but there are many others available on the market. Lutein is a wonderful anti-oxidant and will also prevent free radical damage which causes premature aging.

#3~Everyone hates this one but it is very effective in Baggage prevention,reduce your sodium intake,this will prevent swelling all over your body,Especially under your eyes. Try replacing salt with herbs or Mrs.Dash.

#4~ZZZZZZ. Get some sleep! Try using a sleep mask.The 1st few times it will feel silly but after a week or so your brain function will adjust to a "lights out" mentality and as soon as you put it on you will find yourself slipping into a more peaceful sleep.(unlike myself that sleeps in front of the TV and never gets good rest)

#5~Add a MultiVitamin to your daily routine,I realize this sounds trivial but now that they come in gummy bear form and in bubble gum style you really have NO EXCUSE!
These are 2 of my faves but there are several on the market.

In case of Emergency:

These are short term instant gratification tricks for your under eyes.They are not EVER to be used daily and I only recommend them for moments of absolute desperation such as~Picture day,High School reunions,Photo shoots, Red Carpet events, Your frienemies wedding,Your frienemies son/daughters wedding,Your frienemies funeral.If used more frequently these methods will surely dry your under eye area and make the condition worse.Also they stop working if you use them more than once a month.

#1~Place Q-Tips in a Zip-Loc bag moisten the swabs in Visine and store it in the freezer. After your eye cream and before your concealer take out a single frozen Q-Tip and roll it under your eye over the puffy areas only.Like you are rolling dough with a rolling pin or you can apply pressure like they do to professional boxers.The Visine will take out any redness and the coldness will help take down the swelling.

#2~When Pro MUA's encounter a not so well rested model we often swipe a Preparation H suppository under her eye,again only where its puffy.It causes the tissue to tighten & firm temporarily.If you use this trick Be super careful not to get this in your eyes because it burns like hell and be warned Cinderella this may not last until the clock strikes 12 so its great for photos but its not an all nighter.

#3~If you have some time to relax make some green tea and once the tea bags cool down place them over your eyes and lie back for a 15-20 min catnap the anti-oxidants will help freshen your under eye area and the tea will tighten it up.


The Beauty Betch Rants

Is a new section of the blog in which I am inviting all my girls to bring me your tired,your weary,your lame and unused products.Tell me your beauty woes,cosmetic catastrophes and all about that snot nose that gave you lousy customer service. I wanna hear it all. But beware if you show me yours,I'll inevitably show you mine! So be prepared to hear all about the best and the worst of my latest finds. This section isn't just a place to let your hair down it's a place where me & my crew (whichever lazy ass I can get in here) will answer refer or correct anything that we can.It's also a section that will help me to make Veritas a better product by hearing where competitors fall short I can improve my products and service.

Since I am trained in all aspects of the beauty industry please feel free to question skincare,hair care,cosmetics,cosmetic surgery etc.

if you're currently thinking Oh this is not for me,Really? It isn't? So you mean to tell me that you're currently using every single product you have ever purchased? I thought so! 

I'm not asking you to bash any other cosmetics or hair products. I'm inviting you to assert yourselves the beauty industry is a Multi-billion dollar industry with very little accountability when a client is displeased with a product all too often it's thrown into the dungeon.

 (The Dungeon is what I like to call that drawer at the base of your vanity or in your bathroom where all the unused cosmetics lie in the dark plotting against you while you secretly curse the day you bought them and the colorful salesperson that talked you into them)

 I'm asking you to tell me about that product and let's see if we can figure something out to do with it, This is not a promise that I can fix the beauty industry in a single swoop or that I can magically make shitty products better lol. But Sometimes it's as simple as a new application technique or a phrase I love is re-purposed makeup.
Here are two examples:
(Clients names have been changed to protect their innocence)

#1Manolo really wants the Veritas Browser it's an amazing brow product with a light brow powder and a dark brow powder a portable brow brush and a waterproof brow pomade and it's all that for only $37.50,But she tells me that she just bought a brow pencil for $35.00 at blank in Macy's and its sliding all over her face when she went back with it they suggested a brow powder from blank for $35.00 so she's now convinced that she loves my browser but she's already invested $70.00 in both crappy products.I ask to see the culprits and sure enough she shows me a very dark creamy brow pencil and a very light brow powder.Enter Ms.Love's re-purposing after cleaning both products off with alcohol I suggest she have a seat and we try this alleged brow pencil as an eyeliner. Well what do you know it glides on and stays in place plus its waterproof! Voila! One down and one to go brow powder is tricky it's too dark to be a bronzer too light to be a powdered liner but maybe just maybe it could be a brown eye shadow a matte brown eye shadow is pretty much a staple in every makeup case. After I showed her a contour brush and how she can apply it as a quick daily makeup color using it as a shadow. Tah Dah 2 products out of the dungeon and 2 sales at Veritas.

#2While working at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC a client comes in to make a return I open the bag and I almost faint! It's Creme De Lamer! Anyone that walks upright will tell you that Creme De Lamer single handedly revolutionized the skincare industry by creating one moisturizer for all eye,face,throat and decolletage and at $155. a jar it put alot of cosmetic associates kids through college as well but how on earth could this woman We will refer to as Winston how could she dislike Lamer? Everyone loved that cream for goodness sake I'd have lists of clients with credit card #s attached waiting for it to come in before a shipment arrived! Sacre Bleu! Was it Armageddon? So I ask her a few questions and sure enough she hates it! So I ask her how she's applying it and here in lies the problem. This particular product was sold with a tiny little spatula.You all throw those away right? WRONG! That is the suggested amount of use. So I explained all she needed was 1/4 teaspoon of this cream on her fingertips and warm it ,once its warmed you press it into the skin this woman was using 2 tablespoons of it every time and had the cholesterol deposits under each eye to prove it.We all live happily ever after she used the rest of her cream happily and is still a client of mine til this very day.

That's what I mean by accountability,I like to think that all Veritas employees make a commitment to their clientele to provide them with quality service and most importantly to LISTEN! But not everyone thinks that way.

So hear I am inviting you to enter at your own risk the section titled "The Beauty Betch Rants" and tell me your beauty likes/dislikes/loves. Help me to help you and to make my company the best it can be.

The Bun gets Chic!(This is not you grandmothers bun)

I've recently gotten some questions about my Naughty Librarian do. 
Well actually some of you ladies inquired about how I got my bun so tight and so perfect.
Also for my Twitter family check out the awesome custom sweatshirt created for me
 by DEB  @imawear
 Isn't she crazy talented ?

Tight Bun not Buns!
This is a 12yr old picture if I knew of any secret
other than diet and exercise for a tight Bun
I'd be retired too a bottomless community somewhere in the Caribbean
with a private Cabana boy!


So I'm all set to share with you my sleek new 2 minute hair style

 I'm so proud of myself

 As if I re invented the wheel for all of you mom's on the go and in pops my Lil girl (20yrs old is not so little)So here she comes to tell me she's been doing that since Jr.Varsity Cheer and She knows a better way to do it  because... 

(File this under kids say the darnedest things)
Even the Beauty Betch can learn something new!
Amanda with her hair in the Donut
Amanda's hair down at its full length.

Actual Donut available in Beauty Supplies for $7-$20
 comes in light foam or black for darker hair colors

This is the Donut that the Cheerleaders use.
It may look familiar since you simply take a clean sweat sock and

Lie it out flat, cut off the toes then roll it up
you get a light weight,washable version of the foam donut .

Quick check list

  1.  Donut-Either store bought or cut sock created
  2. Hair wax or putty (you can use gel but it may flake)
  3. Tight toothed comb(this means teeth close together so you get a sleeker look)
  4. 2or3 Bobbie Pins in the color closest to your own  hair
  5. ponytail holder (preferably w/no metal or embellishments)
Shameless Plug
The best time to begin this hair do is 
straight out of the shower on towel dried hair
turn your head upside down
 and brush all your hair up to the crown
(think tele-tubby high,not your standard pony high)
Now take your hair and wax warm it in your palms
this will make it easier to distribute evenly
 through out your entire hair.
 Now that your palms are evenly coated with wax smooth it upwards so that any fly away hairs are pulled up and into the pony,
once you have it all brushed up and you have warmed your wax and smoothed it into your hair
 now with your left hand holding the ponytail,take your comb beginning at the nape of the neck start taking swift strokes up into your handheld hair follow this procedure all the way around your head.Until you feel that you truly have all of your hair slicked into a ponytail on top of your head swap out your hand for your rubber band (or your arm will cramp and people will point)
Next simply slip the ponytail through the donuts hole and pull all of your hair over the donut covering the prosthetic and tucking underneath any excess hair slip a Bobbie pin into the ends and under the bun securing it in place. Depending upon the length of your hair you may have more or less hair if you have alot of extra hair try making a braid and wrapping it around to dress up the bun a bit.
I hope you ladies have some fun with it and feel free to submit your comments or photos. I didn't realize that I had the comments section off oops!
Cut me some slack I'm new to this!

Veritas Temporary Tattoo Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

My Love /Hate relationship with gel eyeliner...

It began in the 90'sBobbi brown courted me but the jar was small,overpriced,flaked after long wear and dried out inside the pot for more than $20. I want to get at least half way through the damn jar,Then I met smash box and oh how I loved my Jet Set liner but after one or two uses it started to thicken in the pot and my line got thicker and wider as the product got thicker and the jar was half the size of Bobbi's yet cost more!,Mac tantalized me with bold brilliant colors but it dried and flaked into my eyes after an hour or two and everyone that knows me will tell ya my liners gotta hold up til at least 5am if not overnight,so with my tail between my legs I returned to smash box and had a chemist friend of mine give me a dropper of a  silicone base every time I'd do my makeup I'd scoop it out onto an artists palette mix it up and get a decent line last held up fairly well.Are you thinking what I was? This is F%$king ridiculous!
In my infinite wisdom I have created the ultimate eyeliner and spared you all my pain, anger and cracked eyeliner shame I endured.
Now follow me as I explain why its so great and what tools will get you the best results,how to apply it quick and easily, then I'll share with you how to make it last all the way to the bottom of the jar. YES I said you will see the bottom of my  jar!


So what makes Veritas Gel liner better than any other brand? 

It took 6 attempts to get the formulation of this product absolutely perfect and it truly paid off since it is currently our #1 selling product.
The main reason it took so long was I needed it to meet the demands of pro M.U.A's yet be simple enough for every woman to enjoy the benefits and durability without taking 18months of cosmetology courses.
The main difference from all the other gel liners on the market is that I insist on keeping my products natural and using the finest ingredients.But what's made its so popular is that it's the first eyeliner ever that's long wearing,transfer resistant,non flaking,non drying,no smudging,safe for the inner eye (waterline),no smearing,basically I've done away with every BLACK eyeliner problem we have suffered with as long as I can remember. How? By creating a semi permanent eyeliner stain which I like to call  a temporary tattoo.

What do you mean by  temporary tattoo? 

Forget your original thoughts a shiny sticker of a choo choo train or a heart your kids taking your sponge or giant wads of wet toilet paper all over your bathroom just to get some smudged up ink blot that'll ball up and peel but never really completely go away.
  • Veritas redefines the idea of a temporary tattoo as an organic, opaque yet light weight stain.
  • If you have ever seen anyone with tattooed eyeliner you know that after a few months it begins to fade and eventually becomes green and broadens(not so cute) so we agree that tattooing is expensive,painful,not cute and over rated.
  • I often draw on fond personal memories when I'm creating, I remembered that my mother had used henna in her hair when I was a child  and how it was a rage for a while to get henna tattoos,I also thought of the all natural vegetable dyes and  food coloring my sisters and I having hot pink hands for a week after Easter (The light bulb was on) So now we're talking natural and temporary tattooish LOVEE LIKEE.
  • By using natural henna and vegetable dyes I have created a method of a mild stain liner which when applied directly to clean skin will last 3-5 days undisturbed,unless removed with a waterproof eye makeup remover wipe

  •  I recommend neutrogena moisturizing wipes they are my favorite
    These lavender ones work best on dry skin their calming
    leave a pleasant residual moisture

    These Blue wipes work best on sensitive or oily skin their calming on break outs
     don't leave any residual moisture but rather a nice clean finish.

    How do you use a gel liner after so many years with a pencil?

    I won't lie to my ladies it takes a little practice but I considered that in creating the formula you see formula #5 dried almost instantly the professionals loved it but my regular clients weren't thrilled especially if they were trying a cat eye or a pin up look and got there tails slightly higher or lower.
     As I said once its on IT'S ON! I'm talking swimming pool=ON,beach=ON,sunbathing=on, working out=ON, tanning=ON,gardening=ON,triathlon=ON,try me ladies,its not going anywhere without waterproof remover! So just for my new users (who are secretly my favorites) I created our final formula with has an additive that slows the drying time so you get a Q-tip on stand by and if your line is uneven or a Lil to thick just wet it or wrap a remover wipe around it and slim out the uneven part before its sets.
    • I'm going to share some MUA(Make Up Artist) secrets with you to make the idea of giving up your pencils less intimidating.
    •  having the right tools is half the battle so here's what you'll need in order to get the best line with a perfect wing/tail/ending. I suggest a sable brush.You make think such an item is only available at a high end  makeup counter,But that's not neccessarily the case.
    I purchased this no name brush in my local drugstore for $7
    just so I could show you what they look like.

    Now let's get to the good stuff! Secrets,secrets and more secrets..

    • Pro MUA brush secret if you clean your brush after every use it will last you for many years,if it comes with a cap make sure & replace it before you put it away.Never store a brush with liner on it especially not this irremovable liner it will coat the bristles and ruin your application.
    • MAJOR SECRET Pro MUA's often don't ascribe to one set line of brushes and will  purchase actual sable,goat,horse paint brushes in any art supply store for a fraction of the price that you might pay at a high end cosmetic line.
    • Brush wipes are a great way to keep your brushes fresh but if you can't find them in your local store its safe to use your makeup remover wipes.
    • MUA Secret weapon rather than keeping the pot of eyeliner open why not do what the pros do and use an artists spatula to scoop out just a dab and use your brush off of the mixing knife.(In a pinch you can use a flat butter knife but you will end up wasting product) Here's what the mixing knife looks like:
    These are available for purchase at any art or craft store IE:
    Pearl paints,Michael's,A.C.Moore or you can try professional makeup supply houses like Alcone or Makeup Forever,they're generally accompanied by a palette,I don't recommend putting Veritas gel liner on a palette (it will stain).

    Proper Application

    • Make sure your eyelid is clean and dry apply your eyeshadow primer above your lid but your concealer and foundation can wait,if you are wearing eye shadow apply this prior to your liner.
    • Scoop out a small amount and close the jar(you can always go back for more if you run out but you won't.Now gently coat your brush tip with the gel on all sides (DO NOT SMASH YOUR BRUSH BRISTLES) down on the mixing knife,just gently roll the tip.
    • If you are applying to your top lid stay as close to the lash line as possible.
    • When you first touch down the brush to your eye area it's full of paint and will give you a full line so begin at the center of your eyelid and touch down gently(The harder you press the wider the line will become)
    • Beginning at the center just above your pupil draw the line inwards toward your inner eye (toward nose) then dab a touch more liner on your brush tip (if needed) and beginning at the center pull upward and outwards towards your temple.
    • One way to ensure that your lines end up evenly is to use the ends of your eyebrows as a landing point (don't actually draw all the way up to your brows) but do try to end your external line in harmony with the ending of your eyebrows never go past them!
    • Veritas liner is safe for use on the waterline (inside the lash line)This is kind of a no brainer just swipe your brush across the inside of your eye line top and bottom
    • Now that you have you right eye done lol. Use that Q-Tip I told you to have on stand by and clean up any mishaps you may have had,If you're satisfied with your first try then just close your lid and give it a few seconds to set.To speed drying time either fan eye with your hand or hit it with a cool blow dryer.

    I went into great detail here but it's actually quite simple and once you try it you'll be hooked.In a few days I'll post a home made video of exactly how simple it is.

    Click to Order your own Veritas semi-permanent eyeliner

    All ACCESS All Beauty all the time blog is back in action.

    Its been a long time!

    As the majority of you know I have been just a wee bit busy & I have slacked on my beauty blogging duties once again! That's the bad news but the good news is that I'm Backkkk! & I'm Badder than ever!Now that I've warned all my favorite peeps I'd like to welcome you yet again to submit your beauty questions to me&remember they don't have to be strictly about Veritas Products (although those are my favorites)But I am also a Hair dresser,Licensed Esthetician (specializing in glycolic,salicilic,lactic acid peels & Micro-dermabrasion)& I was also a manicurist for 10yrs so bring me all your beauty questions&Let's get it crackin like a chiropractor!~Come on Lovers bring me some good topics today.~Love

    Beauty Q&A for my Twitter Friends

    Dear friends I'd like to thank you for all your input I hope i can answer your questions without a video aid.
    Question#1 from my good buddy Karen Archer-Edge
    How do I apply false eyelashes without blinding myself or gluing my eyes shut?

    A new type of do it yourself lashes have recently hit the market by a company called Kiss they aren't the finest quality yet they did come up with a great concept in how to apply them! They have a red string on either side & there self adhesive so you avoid the mess of applying glue to the rim of the lashes. grab the two red threads on either end & pull them taught draw them inward towards your eye there is a diagram enclosed) as you get them in place secure the inner lashed closest to your nose in place then release 1st side of thread then secure furthest away toward temple & remember to pull this side slightly up again release and allow to dry once they feel secure (15secs) simply draw one side of the thread out & away. Ta Dah! you have lashes!

     These exotic Lashes were designed by myself & adorned the gorgeous amber caputo for the very first Veritas Cosmetics photo shoot,So before you complain Karen be grateful I didn't ask you to wear these. Amber is a great sport these were so heavy!
    The finest quality lashes on the market today are naturally Veritas own private collection of lashes from natural to extravagant & long (night time functions) they come in a complete travel case w/a small glass vial of adhesive enclosed, Why a vial as opposed to the tiny tube that's all gunked up in your purse? Easy the cylinder has a plastic cap with a fine pointed stem at the end .you simply dip it into the glue & draw a line on the back of the lash! Once again begin at the center of the eye & work your way out to the farthest side,close your eye (the one you are working in lol) and press downward onto the lash line once it is adhered you are all set/ be careful to use very little glue with this technique because if you apply to much you will effectively glue your lashes together. Another great MUA trick is to grab the lashes sideways with a long tweezer. Hold the tweezer along the lash line once they are in place remove tweezer gently press and use a COOL blow dryer. now to create the illusion that they are natural use a fine black liner ( we recommend) caviar in temp tattoo gel liner and fill in the very corner inside by the waterline. I swear I shall post a video of this & tomorrow I will tackle the questions of the lovely Kathy Mcummings & more. I'm exhausted & I have to get moving xoxoxox nighty night

    Bulletproof beauty aka Long Lasting make Up

    Doesn't it seem like you makeup lasts so much longer when it's applied by a professional?~It does &here are a few of the reasons why!

    There are many factors involved in determining the lifespan of your makeup application whether it's product quality,application technique,incorrect product,skin care,brushes or maybe its temperature,humidity etc. but since I can't actually see you or look into your makeup bag I'm going to name the most common reasons & explain how professional MUA's avoid these issues.I hope this helps & if I don't solve your specific issue please feel free to comment below & I'll be happy to address it.

    "Its not me it's your skincare"

    Common reasons your makeup isn't lasting as long as you'd like it too can include your skin condition. So before you blame your makeup & try another take a good look at your skin in the mirror when you first get out of the shower,If you have one of those magnifying mirrors this is the time to use it! (But do not go over 20x, anything close to 40x magnification will send you flying to a plastic surgeon for botox & asking the nearest contractors to sand blast the craters off your face!) we aren't meant to see our skin 40 times larger,No one but your dermatologist should have to suffer thru that. 

    Now notice how your skin feels to the touch,do you feel roughness in your cheeks or slickness on you nose,chin & forehead? an excess of oil in your T-Zone will make you makeup wear off around your nose,mouth,chin & forehead. if you notice yourself re-applying to your makeup in those areas to avoid shine you are most likely in need of a new cleanser &/or moisturizer. That's not to say that you want anything to strip your skin if you get a harsh cleanser you will only cause more oil production to occur so look for an oil free moisturizer & a mild foaming cleanser with no acids,no anti acne treatments & no beads,shards,nuts,seeds,pits or

    Do you feel like the makeup is not covering your pores anymore? If your makeup isn't going on as smoothly as it used too,It may even feel like it's dragging across your skin or that it's making your pores stand out instead of covering them.If your cheeks are rough or patchy feeling,Then you may have an accumulation of dehydrated skin. the best approach for you is going to be a Micro-dermabrasion, If you have an Esthetician in your dermatologists office or at your local salon they'll be able to quote you a price & tell you your options.If you aren't that bold Veritas does have a micro-derm in a jar just for you! At $40 for 55 ml. its a fantastic buy to achieve an amazingly fresh feeling face. I recommend that my clients remove their makeup and  for the 1st application or for a very deep cleansing they should apply it to a damp or dry skin working in circular motions from the eyes outwards. But that's only for your initial application! Subsequent applications should be done to wet skin or even in the shower once a week. This will have your cosmetics staying on twice as long & will double the life of your foundation bottle.

    "Hey Lady...What's in the bag?"

    Now that I've managed to blame it all on your faulty genetics instead of my products let's see what you're putting on your face?Although skincare is crucial it's also just as important that you have quality,fresh makeup.
     A wise woman named Lis Rupert that I worked with years ago at Sak's Fifth Avenue in NY had once told me that it amazed her when she would see a client come in & complain about the price of the moisturizer while wearing $2000. shoes. I had never thought of it until she mentioned it! Shoes are on our feet,they go in the street! They go out of style & you throw them away! We only have one face forever! So keeping that in mind just remember just as your body is only as good as what you put in it (u are what u eat) Our faces only look as good as we make them look.

     I'm not saying that expensive is always better but what I am saying is just like the shoes that went out of style Makeup has an expiration date & believe me it isn't the same as it ever was.If I had a dollar for every time someone told me their mascara wasn't lasting all day like it used to & its crumbly under their eyes I wouldn't need to win the Mega-Millions. Cosmetics lose moisture the moment they are first opened & the first thing you may notice is that they will not stay on like they used too.
    Mascaras must be replaced every 3-4months! Or they will crumble on your eyes & even worse they will grow bacteria. Eye pencils expire after a year.Lipsticks have one of the longer shelf lives at 2yrs as does face makeup,powder,blush etc

    If your products are current & you are having an issue it's possible that this particular product isn't living up to your standards but don't fret because rather than throw that beautiful sable eye shadow that you just bought away maybe we can re-purpose it? I invented re-purposing cosmetics & I am an absolute genius so you must listen to me. lol.What I mean to say is maybe that shadow can be reborn as a brow powder? or you can use an edging brush & layer it on top of gel eyeliner or cream shadow for a new look. This goes the same for everything in your pouchette. How many times have you bought a lipstick & hated it at home? Why not try it as a cream blush? Speaking of cream blush why not use that cream blush as a shadow primer then layer with powder shadow & create a new color? If you've read my blogs or attended one of my classes you know that I profess "there are no hard & fast rules with makeup,keep it fun" I've gotten some really funky eyeliners out of a wine color lip liner & a bright pink shadow out of a blush. So do NOT throw away the culprit, let that product make it up to you by living out its days as something else. 

    'We're gonna need a bigger boat"

    Although I said you don't have to follow the rules with products; You must always follow the rules with brushes! a good set of makeup brushes can last you for many years but you must take care of them (my brush care blog is coming soon) brushes are super important in a long lasting makeup application. You need to know what brushes apply creams,concealers,HD makeup & powders! NEVER use the cheap crappy brush in the compact,you'll regret it. your brushes are about to become super important because I'm going to tell you all about layering. layering is a technique in which your MUA builds your "story". Every makeup tells a story in color whether its a bridal makeup of soft pastel hues blended gently or its a pin-up makeup with a tight rigid carbon line & a supple ferocious vixen red lip. brushes are the key to achieving your story & keeping it in place. I can't give away too much about layering because I am launching a makeup instruction on which I teach you the technique so I will give you a fail safe way to keep your makeup in tact & durable for all day glamour.

    Begin by cleansing,toning & moisturizing your face allow your moisturizer a few seconds to absorb into your skin (this is a good time to sharpen all your pencils & plan your color story for the day) next you are going to take your clean foundation brush & your going to pump a dollap of foundation primer into your hand or onto your pallete with upward & outward strokes you are going to smooth an even thin layer onto your face avoiding your eye area next you will take your concealer & your eye cream using your concealer brush you will mix the two together. First squeeze a dot of eye cream onto the back of your hand then either rub the concealer stick onto the back of your hand or load it onto the brush now "warm" the two of them together on the back of your hand and either stipple with your ring finger or dab with your concealer brush underneath your eye ONLY where you see darkness ( no owl eyes here) s the cream absorbs the concealer will lie flat & blended to perfection around the eye. Now your primer is set & ready for your foundation application once again using a foundation brush will save you money on makeup because you aren't saturating a sponge that you're going to throw away constantly (Oh, dear Lord please tell me their throwing their sponges out after every use!)now using soft sweeping motions working from you center out apply your foundation if you are looking for a dewy effect mix it with your moisturizer as you did with the concealer & create a tinted moisturizer.Remember to use an eye shadow primer prior to apply shadow, for No smudge,no transfer eyeliner apply Veritas temporary tattoo eyeliner with a fine sable brush & allow 30 seconds to set before blinking or moving about it will last up to 3 days & is removable with waterproof makeup remover .If you love the liner you have & just want it to stay in place look for an eye shadow in a similar or matching color & using your flat liner brush(edger) gently rock the brush back & forth with the shadow over it to secure the color in place.once you have all your makeup on lightly mist your face with a setting spray. I prefer Makeup Forever's mist&fix for serious staying power & if that's not available in your area my old stand by is evian's brumisateur just make sure you are 10-12 inches away from your face or you will be effectively hosing yourself down. ;0) That's all for tonight my lovely ladies please feel free to share your questions,comments,tips & tricks with me & tell your friends to follow because it's about to "get crackin like a bad back" in here...The beauty betch is back