If I could only store these bags in the overhead compartment (instead of under my eyes)

(The following are merely my opinions based upon my experience as a cosmetologist/makeup artist/Beauty adviser that are not in anyway meant to replace the advice of a trained medical professional.That being said if you feel your issue maybe the result of a medical condition or a hereditary factor please do not hesitate to seek your physician's advice.)

Thank you Tweethearts for all your fab beauty question submissions I'll try to answer as many as I can here more than a few addressed under eyes puffiness aka The Baggage. So let's start there!

As hectic as our lives have become it's no wonder that many of us find ourselves looking less than fresh under our eyes,whether it's dark circles,puffiness,crows feet or swollen sagging eyelids.

I can't cure hereditary eye issues or those that stem from anemia or a vitamin deficiency but I can give you some tips on how to soften their appearance and in some cases how to rid yourself of them all together.If these pro M.U.A. secrets don't work for you,then I'd suggest making an appointment with your physician,Remember if it's important to you it should be important to your Dr. as well. Medical professionals are there to help,But they can't help unless their given the chance.So don't be afraid to visit your Dr.for something less than a severed limb. Some times under eye issues can be signs of a larger problem ie.(iron deficiency,high blood pressure or excessive sodium)

Here are some quick fixes:

#1~Invest in a quality eye cream:Be sure to read the label thoroughly and make sure it addresses your specific concerns,If a sales associate is available ask as many questions as you can.

#2~Be sure you are using a cream specifically labeled for eyes and not just a face cream.You see face cream is designed to bind large molecules of moisturizer into areas that have pores and produce their own oil,the texture of under eye skin is different it's thin and using the wrong cream in that delicate area can cause the moisture to become trapped under the delicate skin and create puffiness. So read all your creams thoroughly.

#3~If it's puffiness rather than darkness I would suggest an eye gel rather than a cream,the lighter weight will help release any moisture trapped under your epidermis.

Rules of Concealment:

#1~Think camouflage! Make sure your concealer is only one shade lighter than your foundation,a very common mistake is to choose a drastically lighter concealer in an attempt to cover dark areas.When concealer is too light it acts as a highlighter and draws more attention to the discoloration giving you a kind of Owl eye effect.

#2~Less is More. Take time to really look at the dark area and only place concealer where it's dark don't just lather it under the eye all over even if you are in a hurry. Too much concealer can create a raccoon effect.

#3~Just a dab will do ya!Try mixing your eye cream and your concealer together on the back of your hand and then apply by dabbing dots under your eyes.Using your ring finger(you will get less tension from this finger than from your index)Rock back and forth under the eye NEVER DRAG your fingers hurriedly! Tugging at delicate under eye skin will create the appearance of wrinkles.Now as your cream soaks in your concealer will set to a flawless finish.

Here are some healthy remedies:

#1~H20,Increasing your water intake will help hydrate your skin all over your body including under your eyes and it will flush out toxins that cause free radical damage,it's good for everything.

#2~A little known Vitamin which is designed specifically to promote under eye health is Lutein,this supplement has also been said to aid with healthy vision.It generally is sold in jars of 40-45 mg doses just one soft gel daily is appropriate.
This is just the brand name I happen to have but there are many others available on the market. Lutein is a wonderful anti-oxidant and will also prevent free radical damage which causes premature aging.

#3~Everyone hates this one but it is very effective in Baggage prevention,reduce your sodium intake,this will prevent swelling all over your body,Especially under your eyes. Try replacing salt with herbs or Mrs.Dash.

#4~ZZZZZZ. Get some sleep! Try using a sleep mask.The 1st few times it will feel silly but after a week or so your brain function will adjust to a "lights out" mentality and as soon as you put it on you will find yourself slipping into a more peaceful sleep.(unlike myself that sleeps in front of the TV and never gets good rest)

#5~Add a MultiVitamin to your daily routine,I realize this sounds trivial but now that they come in gummy bear form and in bubble gum style you really have NO EXCUSE!
These are 2 of my faves but there are several on the market.

In case of Emergency:

These are short term instant gratification tricks for your under eyes.They are not EVER to be used daily and I only recommend them for moments of absolute desperation such as~Picture day,High School reunions,Photo shoots, Red Carpet events, Your frienemies wedding,Your frienemies son/daughters wedding,Your frienemies funeral.If used more frequently these methods will surely dry your under eye area and make the condition worse.Also they stop working if you use them more than once a month.

#1~Place Q-Tips in a Zip-Loc bag moisten the swabs in Visine and store it in the freezer. After your eye cream and before your concealer take out a single frozen Q-Tip and roll it under your eye over the puffy areas only.Like you are rolling dough with a rolling pin or you can apply pressure like they do to professional boxers.The Visine will take out any redness and the coldness will help take down the swelling.

#2~When Pro MUA's encounter a not so well rested model we often swipe a Preparation H suppository under her eye,again only where its puffy.It causes the tissue to tighten & firm temporarily.If you use this trick Be super careful not to get this in your eyes because it burns like hell and be warned Cinderella this may not last until the clock strikes 12 so its great for photos but its not an all nighter.

#3~If you have some time to relax make some green tea and once the tea bags cool down place them over your eyes and lie back for a 15-20 min catnap the anti-oxidants will help freshen your under eye area and the tea will tighten it up.

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