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Cosmetically Challenged Cashiers 

We often expect that because we are shopping in a high end or "specialty store" that we will be provided service that will uphold that store's reputation.
Years ago when I was employed by Sak's and Bergdorf Goodman we were subject to a rigorous training regime and because it was an inter- sell store.

*Inter-sell means that we associates were personal shoppers 
another words I was employed by Cle' de Peau Beaute' but if you wanted to purchase a Cartier watch or a bottle of Thierry Muegler's Angel I could travel the floor with you and sell you both items.*

Hence we were educated on all of the items on our floor and were expected to be able to recite product details and ingredients at the customers request.

This was the golden age of Cosmetics.

In what I can only declare as a blatent disregard
 for customer service some baphoon in accounting area decided that the store could make more money and pay their main floor employees less using vendors.
*Vendors are the equivalent of temps they are brought in to ring a register and are not licensed cosmetologists or MUA's*
*MUA's are Make Up Artists*

Too be brutally honest the Associates did make up to and over 6 figure salaries if they put in a full time 40 hour week in a NYC location this was not true of the associates in the NJ and LI stores but! and this is a big BUT associates including myself were paid straight commission only! We did not get a drawer or a base salary if we didn't provide outstanding service and sell the products we didn't make any money!BTW it was a 10% commission so when they decided they wanted the store to make more,really? more than 90%!

I have plenty of reasons to rant about this but why would it interest you?
The next time you ask someone where the ladies room is because you have a child that needs to pee or where you can find customer service and they get that glazed over look and say I don't work here.
Well you my dear have just met a vendor!
So fine Love we get it you were pissed off when you worked in department stores and had to deal with these nimrods.
But alas readers they are the same idiots that just sold you that electric aqua eye shadow "that's going to be the new black" and they just "swear you will use it everyday" and "just give it a chance" because "you are going to love it" because "it looks so great on you and you shouldn't be intimidated by the color","You're never too old to wear metallic eye shadow over your entire lid!"

Well these are the cosmetically challenged cashiers that you may find at your high end retailers in recent times.Keeping all agendas un-hidden.You all know that I LOVE when you purchase Veritas Cosmetics Hell I wish I had enough money to give it to all of you free of charge! That's how badly I want you to use it.
But if you aren't you still deserve to get the best products for the best price
 from a professional from now on. 
So now that I have ranted I'd like all of you to take something away from this rant and that's not the killer price on gel rollers at office max on the bottom of the click my ad I dare you.
  I want you to know that you are completely within your rights to ask anyone that's about to do your makeup or sell you any makeup what their qualifications are.
 It's not an awkward conversation at all!
 In fact if you're in the presence of a true MUA they will enjoy talking about their experiences, training is exciting and having learned from Legends like Kevyn Aucoin and Stephan Marais reliving it with someone interested is fun. 

My point is that I'd like my readers to know they have the right to ask if their MUA is a licensed cosmetologist or what type of training they have received before you feed the dungeon a fist full of new products!

BEAUTY BETCH OUT!!! Peace,Love&Lipstick to all...

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  1. Hello Love!! Idk how old this cosmetics posting is but had to tell you I got a real kick outta it! Your beautiful and funny as all hell...I've never had the privilege of shopping the high end makeup counters in department stores in NYC, but I have shopped my local counters in big named department stores i n my area and every word you said is so true! Iv come home with enof shit that they swore would bring out or highlight my eyes or that color is fine, it's not to dark for your complexion, Well, majority of it all sits in my daughter's "dressup play makeup" box! Ugh!!! You go to these counters for advise and for consults and makeovers and end up looking like a contestant on RuPaul's drag race! LOL... Thanks for the cute read...I was surprised I was the only commenter.. Ive watched Mob Wives from day one and do really miss you on the show! Very lovely, beautiful woman you are! Idk if you will see and read this but I'm hoping for some advice on some of your lashes...I read the post about your eye lashes, I've always wanted to try them as I have (I would say) regular lashes..not to thin or thick but they are lighter in color do not very noticeable. Being a 43 year old mother trying them for the first time, I'm not sure as what to buy to try out for the first time... I love the look of med to long lashes, but not to thick or overdone. Thanks Love, hope to hear from you...


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