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M.O.B. Wives: I Married A Mobster: Ga Ga Goo Goo #2

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M.O.B. Wives: I Married A Mobster: Ga Ga Goo Goo #2: 

Lovely mother with Baby Bad@ss
 First and foremost I have to give a huge shout out to Crystal Ortiz, one of our readers. Crystal ...

Everyone Loves A Natural Beauty. But Not Every Beauty Is Natural.

At first glance these perfect beauties look simple and natural as if they've just washed their faces and applied a dab of lip color.Well my friends, that is the magic of Suzana Hallili MUA Extraordinaire.

Only a trained eye can see that no matter how gorgeous these models are, they're wearing plenty of make up. It takes a very special set of skills to make a natural makeover look this good. Bare in mind that although Suzana does edit photos to her liking, she uses very refined, minimal enhancements. All too often I see women without a stitch of makeup on thinking they look just like this photo. I really want to uncover some of the magic of the "natural beauty" on this post.

Here are just a few tips on how to get that healthy clean faced appearance without spending an hour in the bathroom. We'll start with your absolutely necessary products for a natural appearance.

A) Remember you cannot create fine art if your canvas is not clear and smooth. In order to yield the perfect base for makeup application you will need to cleanse, tone and hydrate regularly! This is an absolute must, especially if skin is oily, as makeup will slide right off your face before noon. If your skin is dehydrated, makeup will rest in fine lines, creating the illusion of premature aging and giving a powdery cake like finish. To avoid all of these issues you must have freshly cleansed and hydrated skin.

B) As your moisturizer absorbs into the pores (that's its job) it will take the makeup with it and enhance the size of your pores. In order to avoid oily, cakey or enlarged pores, you must use a foundation primer! Of course we recommend Veritas Camera Ready in the pump (and our soon to be introduced for fall Face Base in the tube). Either of these products will create a satiny smooth surface for your makeup.

C) When it comes to base, you can use a tinted moisturizer if you feel you have dry skin (always a plus SPF) simply to smooth any redness or unevenness you may have, or if you are afraid of oil production and concerned with a shiny T-Zone, one of our mineral wands will be more than enough coverage for a natural appearance. Also new for fall will be our pressed mineral powder foundations! Now your canvas is ready.

D) The most critical component of the entire look is your mascara (whether or not you wear eyeliner is up to you). But you must have something on your lashes at all times or you just dont look polished.

E) If you take notice in the above photos, Suzana chose to go with Remake gloss in peachy coral, with a slightly golden shimmer. But you can choose between a sheer raspberry (lip stains) or a girly pink lip gloss (pink rocks, girl stuff, sweetie pie) or even a bright sheer lilac (fringe or eclectic) all go nicely with the natural look.

F) For this next step you will require a contour brush or a small blush brush for a nice bold rose color blush (not a bronzer). You will just dab the slightest bit on the apples of both cheeks. Do not blend, pull, or stroke, just a light dabbing on each cheek cream. I find that cream blushes are great for this too (look for face stains in future veritas collections).

So there's the formula for the quickest natural makeover you can do. If you want more depth to enhance your features as you see in the photos above try either nu or transition eyeshadow in the crease, just slightly onto the brow bone and a thin line of our gel liner on just your top lid at the lash line.

Special thanks to:

Makeup and Hair Edit - Suzana Hallili

Photos - Cameron Nielson

Some Sweet Summer Glam Goods

Leaving off on our last beauty post, I wanted to write about the rest of my must have beauty products for the summer (and all year round, really).

If Roxxane Rizzo's Bronze glow which I mentioned yesterday is slightly over your budget @$38, I have discovered a new product I simply adore! It's the newest edition to the old orange L'oreal Sublime Bronze which I've complained about for years. Previously, L'oreal's bronzer gave you a tan that was as orange as the can, and I must thank L'Oreal since it's strictly because of my input they've reformulated. Their new product is called Clear Self Tanning gel and it won't give you as dark of a tan as Bronze glow, but delivers a subtle yet natural shade that will have you summer ready in no time. They even changed the packaging to a deep bronze color so kudos, Loreal. J'adore! Your new shade will appear on your skin in hours & doesnt have that horrid after self- tan smell. But just to make sure you get the right one here is a photo of mine ( Oops im gonna need a new one!) This product is available at any of the usual spots that sells
L'Oreal products for beauty junkies like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, & other pharmacies. Selling price averages $12.00

Creative Nail Designs Hottest new product is called shellac & its faster than any uv gel you have ever used, remaining perfect for weeks on nails & toes, without yellowing in the sun or chipping/cracking. Perfect for 100 degree days when you dont want to be in the salon waiting to dry. Click here to locate a salon near you:get ur nails shellaced If you are in Staten Island, go directly to Allure Salon on 4011 Hylan Blvd, Suite C. I recommend calling first and asking for Marina (she is a goddess amongt manicurists and will need to be booked in advance).

Derm Organic Argan oil products- These products boast some of the highest percentages of true argan oil available on the market today, unlike moroccan oil, which only has 27% genuine oil in it. Ms. Love's pro tip? When purchasing any of the products be sure to check the percentages of pure oil in them. Argan oil is good for all hair colors, textures & ethnicities. If you recall my summer beauty tips, I told all of you ladies that color your hair as a great tip instead of using gel, masque or pomade -which are full of alcohol & will only dry your hair more on hot days- use a heavy hair masque like this one & slick your hair back tight, it will hold, heal & avoid that damn blow dryer! My hair feels great really smooth & silky. For more information about these products...http://www.dermorganic.com If you're here in my neck of the woods, Allure Salon is once again one of the few that carries this brand. Ironically Morroccan oil & argan oil are one & the same thing but the brand moroccan oil contains a very small amount of the hair healing oil itself & is made of mostly silicones (which is not a bad thing if you want temporary shine but if you want to heal ur hair you need the pure oil & Derm organic is 100% vegan & 100% pure oil. Products vary in pricing.

This culminates this week's fabulous product referrals. Now go on and have a sexy, beautiful weekend.

Love, Peace, & Lipstick,

M.O.B. Wives: I Married A Mobster: Love Majewski’s “Veritas” Cos...

M.O.B. Wives: I Married A Mobster: Love Majewski’s “Veritas” Cos...: "Exclusive Contest Announcement! For our Readers Only! The Mobwives Blogspot, has some pretty exciting news! Love Majewski, from ID’s new sh..."

It's Summer Time!

As promised, I'm kicking off this week's blogging with some wonderful product picks that I simply couldn't do without and I know you'll adore as well.

(Of course Veritas is superior to any and all products you've ever encountered, yet we are currently limited to cosmetics, brushes, skincare & treatments for the time being).

The following are great & affordable products to keep your summer beauty seamless (I dare you to say that fast three times).

Roxanne Rizzo's Bronze Glow
I've been a faithful devotee of this product for ages and seriously? Who doesn't want to be a bronzed goddess come summer time? Roxanne Rizzo's Summer Glow is a full on spray tan without the booth or weird woman staring at you naked as you shiver when the cold orange dye hits you. This tan in a can is a true miracle, as it's not a self tanner as much as it's a body reviver. Based on natural sugar beet, this product gives you instant color and has a secret tone to its base that avoids the orange Snookie look no one wants.

Roxanne knows exactly what's needed from a spray tanner and this has a micro fine mist in a package that sprays at any angle. At $38.00, it's certainly worth the investment (plus gas and time saved). Available at http://www.roxannerizzo.com/. Now go and get your glow on!

Elizabeth Rose All Natural Milk & Honey Bath Soak
This is truly an amazing "dual purpose" product and I wouldn't say this if it wasn't true, HANDS DOWN my #1 summer pick. First, prepare a cool bath with one cup of this heavenly treat to beat the heat quickly... It's said that Cleopatra bathed in milk & honey & believe me when you smell this product you will feel like an Egyptian queen.

This is one of my greatest finds at my new secret beauty location. Its luxurious soothing properties are only outdone by its scent, for it smells like a bathtub full of caramel custard. Simply divine.

Rose's delicious, moisturizing body soak is made up of all natural ingredients: whole milk powder, buttermilk powder, coconut milk powder, honey powder, yogurt powder, cocoa seed powder & tapioca. If that doesn't make you want to get in a tub and turn on some candles while sipping your favorite drink, I don't know what will. These powders are sold exclusively at my secret spot for all the hardest to find beauty products: Old Town Pharmacy in Staten Island. Call (718)815-2600 and enjoy true bliss. I guarantee you won't regret it.

Lobe Wonder
Last but definite *not* least, this is a must product for any woman who likes long and gorgeous dangly/heavy earrings. I first learned of Lobe Wonder when modeling & all the girls seemed to use it. I couldn't believe someone had finally come up with the solution to a problem that had plagued me -and my girlfriends- for so long. These magical little silicone patches slip on the back of your lobe, making your earrings feel instantly lighter by distributing the weight over the whole ear & not just the hole. For torn earring holes, they hold the earring up so they dont hurt or tear at all, and at $6.00 for more than 30 sets it truly can't be beat. You can buy your own right here.

I hope you enjoyed this week's reviews and I'll be back sooner than you can say, Beach time!

Until that time, darlings.

Peace, Love & Lipstick,

VERITAS COSMETICS: Back With A Vengeance

VERITAS COSMETICS: Back With A Vengeance: "It's been months since I've updated this but now that life has resumed a fast yet steady pace, I'm back to blogging and with no intentions o..."

Back With A Vengeance

It's been months since I've updated this but now that life has resumed a fast yet steady pace, I'm back to blogging and with no intentions of leaving.

First things first, boys and girls! I’d like to introduce you to the lovely, witty, & oh-so-talented genius that is Annah. She is the (until now) undiscovered mega star behind the killer blog Red Means Go & I’m delighted that in her spare time, she has decided to follow –and write for- my sloppy ass.

Lovely Annah has begun following me around, gathering up the drizzle I leave on cocktail napkins & marble notebooks strewn across NYC, in an attempt to spin it into something legible, rebuilding my former blogs of fame into kick-ass posts made just for you.

This is just a quick hello letting you know that my posts will be updated at least once a week starting tomorrow, and I look forward to writing about make-up and beauty and anything else that tickles your fancy. With that said, feel free to email me any questions/comments at veritascosmetics@gmail.com and I'll be sure to answer them via this forum.

I can't wait to share great products with you and kick off the fall season in nothing but class and style (what else would possibly you expect?).

Love, Peace, & Lipstick,