Back With A Vengeance

It's been months since I've updated this but now that life has resumed a fast yet steady pace, I'm back to blogging and with no intentions of leaving.

First things first, boys and girls! I’d like to introduce you to the lovely, witty, & oh-so-talented genius that is Annah. She is the (until now) undiscovered mega star behind the killer blog Red Means Go & I’m delighted that in her spare time, she has decided to follow –and write for- my sloppy ass.

Lovely Annah has begun following me around, gathering up the drizzle I leave on cocktail napkins & marble notebooks strewn across NYC, in an attempt to spin it into something legible, rebuilding my former blogs of fame into kick-ass posts made just for you.

This is just a quick hello letting you know that my posts will be updated at least once a week starting tomorrow, and I look forward to writing about make-up and beauty and anything else that tickles your fancy. With that said, feel free to email me any questions/comments at and I'll be sure to answer them via this forum.

I can't wait to share great products with you and kick off the fall season in nothing but class and style (what else would possibly you expect?).

Love, Peace, & Lipstick,