Some Sweet Summer Glam Goods

Leaving off on our last beauty post, I wanted to write about the rest of my must have beauty products for the summer (and all year round, really).

If Roxxane Rizzo's Bronze glow which I mentioned yesterday is slightly over your budget @$38, I have discovered a new product I simply adore! It's the newest edition to the old orange L'oreal Sublime Bronze which I've complained about for years. Previously, L'oreal's bronzer gave you a tan that was as orange as the can, and I must thank L'Oreal since it's strictly because of my input they've reformulated. Their new product is called Clear Self Tanning gel and it won't give you as dark of a tan as Bronze glow, but delivers a subtle yet natural shade that will have you summer ready in no time. They even changed the packaging to a deep bronze color so kudos, Loreal. J'adore! Your new shade will appear on your skin in hours & doesnt have that horrid after self- tan smell. But just to make sure you get the right one here is a photo of mine ( Oops im gonna need a new one!) This product is available at any of the usual spots that sells
L'Oreal products for beauty junkies like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, & other pharmacies. Selling price averages $12.00

Creative Nail Designs Hottest new product is called shellac & its faster than any uv gel you have ever used, remaining perfect for weeks on nails & toes, without yellowing in the sun or chipping/cracking. Perfect for 100 degree days when you dont want to be in the salon waiting to dry. Click here to locate a salon near you:get ur nails shellaced If you are in Staten Island, go directly to Allure Salon on 4011 Hylan Blvd, Suite C. I recommend calling first and asking for Marina (she is a goddess amongt manicurists and will need to be booked in advance).

Derm Organic Argan oil products- These products boast some of the highest percentages of true argan oil available on the market today, unlike moroccan oil, which only has 27% genuine oil in it. Ms. Love's pro tip? When purchasing any of the products be sure to check the percentages of pure oil in them. Argan oil is good for all hair colors, textures & ethnicities. If you recall my summer beauty tips, I told all of you ladies that color your hair as a great tip instead of using gel, masque or pomade -which are full of alcohol & will only dry your hair more on hot days- use a heavy hair masque like this one & slick your hair back tight, it will hold, heal & avoid that damn blow dryer! My hair feels great really smooth & silky. For more information about these products... If you're here in my neck of the woods, Allure Salon is once again one of the few that carries this brand. Ironically Morroccan oil & argan oil are one & the same thing but the brand moroccan oil contains a very small amount of the hair healing oil itself & is made of mostly silicones (which is not a bad thing if you want temporary shine but if you want to heal ur hair you need the pure oil & Derm organic is 100% vegan & 100% pure oil. Products vary in pricing.

This culminates this week's fabulous product referrals. Now go on and have a sexy, beautiful weekend.

Love, Peace, & Lipstick,