Everyone Loves A Natural Beauty. But Not Every Beauty Is Natural.

At first glance these perfect beauties look simple and natural as if they've just washed their faces and applied a dab of lip color.Well my friends, that is the magic of Suzana Hallili MUA Extraordinaire.

Only a trained eye can see that no matter how gorgeous these models are, they're wearing plenty of make up. It takes a very special set of skills to make a natural makeover look this good. Bare in mind that although Suzana does edit photos to her liking, she uses very refined, minimal enhancements. All too often I see women without a stitch of makeup on thinking they look just like this photo. I really want to uncover some of the magic of the "natural beauty" on this post.

Here are just a few tips on how to get that healthy clean faced appearance without spending an hour in the bathroom. We'll start with your absolutely necessary products for a natural appearance.

A) Remember you cannot create fine art if your canvas is not clear and smooth. In order to yield the perfect base for makeup application you will need to cleanse, tone and hydrate regularly! This is an absolute must, especially if skin is oily, as makeup will slide right off your face before noon. If your skin is dehydrated, makeup will rest in fine lines, creating the illusion of premature aging and giving a powdery cake like finish. To avoid all of these issues you must have freshly cleansed and hydrated skin.

B) As your moisturizer absorbs into the pores (that's its job) it will take the makeup with it and enhance the size of your pores. In order to avoid oily, cakey or enlarged pores, you must use a foundation primer! Of course we recommend Veritas Camera Ready in the pump (and our soon to be introduced for fall Face Base in the tube). Either of these products will create a satiny smooth surface for your makeup.

C) When it comes to base, you can use a tinted moisturizer if you feel you have dry skin (always a plus SPF) simply to smooth any redness or unevenness you may have, or if you are afraid of oil production and concerned with a shiny T-Zone, one of our mineral wands will be more than enough coverage for a natural appearance. Also new for fall will be our pressed mineral powder foundations! Now your canvas is ready.

D) The most critical component of the entire look is your mascara (whether or not you wear eyeliner is up to you). But you must have something on your lashes at all times or you just dont look polished.

E) If you take notice in the above photos, Suzana chose to go with Remake gloss in peachy coral, with a slightly golden shimmer. But you can choose between a sheer raspberry (lip stains) or a girly pink lip gloss (pink rocks, girl stuff, sweetie pie) or even a bright sheer lilac (fringe or eclectic) all go nicely with the natural look.

F) For this next step you will require a contour brush or a small blush brush for a nice bold rose color blush (not a bronzer). You will just dab the slightest bit on the apples of both cheeks. Do not blend, pull, or stroke, just a light dabbing on each cheek cream. I find that cream blushes are great for this too (look for face stains in future veritas collections).

So there's the formula for the quickest natural makeover you can do. If you want more depth to enhance your features as you see in the photos above try either nu or transition eyeshadow in the crease, just slightly onto the brow bone and a thin line of our gel liner on just your top lid at the lash line.

Special thanks to:

Makeup and Hair Edit - Suzana Hallili

Photos - Cameron Nielson