The Beauty Betch Rants

Is a new section of the blog in which I am inviting all my girls to bring me your tired,your weary,your lame and unused products.Tell me your beauty woes,cosmetic catastrophes and all about that snot nose that gave you lousy customer service. I wanna hear it all. But beware if you show me yours,I'll inevitably show you mine! So be prepared to hear all about the best and the worst of my latest finds. This section isn't just a place to let your hair down it's a place where me & my crew (whichever lazy ass I can get in here) will answer refer or correct anything that we can.It's also a section that will help me to make Veritas a better product by hearing where competitors fall short I can improve my products and service.

Since I am trained in all aspects of the beauty industry please feel free to question skincare,hair care,cosmetics,cosmetic surgery etc.

if you're currently thinking Oh this is not for me,Really? It isn't? So you mean to tell me that you're currently using every single product you have ever purchased? I thought so! 

I'm not asking you to bash any other cosmetics or hair products. I'm inviting you to assert yourselves the beauty industry is a Multi-billion dollar industry with very little accountability when a client is displeased with a product all too often it's thrown into the dungeon.

 (The Dungeon is what I like to call that drawer at the base of your vanity or in your bathroom where all the unused cosmetics lie in the dark plotting against you while you secretly curse the day you bought them and the colorful salesperson that talked you into them)

 I'm asking you to tell me about that product and let's see if we can figure something out to do with it, This is not a promise that I can fix the beauty industry in a single swoop or that I can magically make shitty products better lol. But Sometimes it's as simple as a new application technique or a phrase I love is re-purposed makeup.
Here are two examples:
(Clients names have been changed to protect their innocence)

#1Manolo really wants the Veritas Browser it's an amazing brow product with a light brow powder and a dark brow powder a portable brow brush and a waterproof brow pomade and it's all that for only $37.50,But she tells me that she just bought a brow pencil for $35.00 at blank in Macy's and its sliding all over her face when she went back with it they suggested a brow powder from blank for $35.00 so she's now convinced that she loves my browser but she's already invested $70.00 in both crappy products.I ask to see the culprits and sure enough she shows me a very dark creamy brow pencil and a very light brow powder.Enter Ms.Love's re-purposing after cleaning both products off with alcohol I suggest she have a seat and we try this alleged brow pencil as an eyeliner. Well what do you know it glides on and stays in place plus its waterproof! Voila! One down and one to go brow powder is tricky it's too dark to be a bronzer too light to be a powdered liner but maybe just maybe it could be a brown eye shadow a matte brown eye shadow is pretty much a staple in every makeup case. After I showed her a contour brush and how she can apply it as a quick daily makeup color using it as a shadow. Tah Dah 2 products out of the dungeon and 2 sales at Veritas.

#2While working at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC a client comes in to make a return I open the bag and I almost faint! It's Creme De Lamer! Anyone that walks upright will tell you that Creme De Lamer single handedly revolutionized the skincare industry by creating one moisturizer for all eye,face,throat and decolletage and at $155. a jar it put alot of cosmetic associates kids through college as well but how on earth could this woman We will refer to as Winston how could she dislike Lamer? Everyone loved that cream for goodness sake I'd have lists of clients with credit card #s attached waiting for it to come in before a shipment arrived! Sacre Bleu! Was it Armageddon? So I ask her a few questions and sure enough she hates it! So I ask her how she's applying it and here in lies the problem. This particular product was sold with a tiny little spatula.You all throw those away right? WRONG! That is the suggested amount of use. So I explained all she needed was 1/4 teaspoon of this cream on her fingertips and warm it ,once its warmed you press it into the skin this woman was using 2 tablespoons of it every time and had the cholesterol deposits under each eye to prove it.We all live happily ever after she used the rest of her cream happily and is still a client of mine til this very day.

That's what I mean by accountability,I like to think that all Veritas employees make a commitment to their clientele to provide them with quality service and most importantly to LISTEN! But not everyone thinks that way.

So hear I am inviting you to enter at your own risk the section titled "The Beauty Betch Rants" and tell me your beauty likes/dislikes/loves. Help me to help you and to make my company the best it can be.

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