The Bun gets Chic!(This is not you grandmothers bun)

I've recently gotten some questions about my Naughty Librarian do. 
Well actually some of you ladies inquired about how I got my bun so tight and so perfect.
Also for my Twitter family check out the awesome custom sweatshirt created for me
 by DEB  @imawear
 Isn't she crazy talented ?

Tight Bun not Buns!
This is a 12yr old picture if I knew of any secret
other than diet and exercise for a tight Bun
I'd be retired too a bottomless community somewhere in the Caribbean
with a private Cabana boy!


So I'm all set to share with you my sleek new 2 minute hair style

 I'm so proud of myself

 As if I re invented the wheel for all of you mom's on the go and in pops my Lil girl (20yrs old is not so little)So here she comes to tell me she's been doing that since Jr.Varsity Cheer and She knows a better way to do it  because... 

(File this under kids say the darnedest things)
Even the Beauty Betch can learn something new!
Amanda with her hair in the Donut
Amanda's hair down at its full length.

Actual Donut available in Beauty Supplies for $7-$20
 comes in light foam or black for darker hair colors

This is the Donut that the Cheerleaders use.
It may look familiar since you simply take a clean sweat sock and

Lie it out flat, cut off the toes then roll it up
you get a light weight,washable version of the foam donut .

Quick check list

  1.  Donut-Either store bought or cut sock created
  2. Hair wax or putty (you can use gel but it may flake)
  3. Tight toothed comb(this means teeth close together so you get a sleeker look)
  4. 2or3 Bobbie Pins in the color closest to your own  hair
  5. ponytail holder (preferably w/no metal or embellishments)
Shameless Plug
The best time to begin this hair do is 
straight out of the shower on towel dried hair
turn your head upside down
 and brush all your hair up to the crown
(think tele-tubby high,not your standard pony high)
Now take your hair and wax warm it in your palms
this will make it easier to distribute evenly
 through out your entire hair.
 Now that your palms are evenly coated with wax smooth it upwards so that any fly away hairs are pulled up and into the pony,
once you have it all brushed up and you have warmed your wax and smoothed it into your hair
 now with your left hand holding the ponytail,take your comb beginning at the nape of the neck start taking swift strokes up into your handheld hair follow this procedure all the way around your head.Until you feel that you truly have all of your hair slicked into a ponytail on top of your head swap out your hand for your rubber band (or your arm will cramp and people will point)
Next simply slip the ponytail through the donuts hole and pull all of your hair over the donut covering the prosthetic and tucking underneath any excess hair slip a Bobbie pin into the ends and under the bun securing it in place. Depending upon the length of your hair you may have more or less hair if you have alot of extra hair try making a braid and wrapping it around to dress up the bun a bit.
I hope you ladies have some fun with it and feel free to submit your comments or photos. I didn't realize that I had the comments section off oops!
Cut me some slack I'm new to this!

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