Veritas Temporary Tattoo Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

My Love /Hate relationship with gel eyeliner...

It began in the 90'sBobbi brown courted me but the jar was small,overpriced,flaked after long wear and dried out inside the pot for more than $20. I want to get at least half way through the damn jar,Then I met smash box and oh how I loved my Jet Set liner but after one or two uses it started to thicken in the pot and my line got thicker and wider as the product got thicker and the jar was half the size of Bobbi's yet cost more!,Mac tantalized me with bold brilliant colors but it dried and flaked into my eyes after an hour or two and everyone that knows me will tell ya my liners gotta hold up til at least 5am if not overnight,so with my tail between my legs I returned to smash box and had a chemist friend of mine give me a dropper of a  silicone base every time I'd do my makeup I'd scoop it out onto an artists palette mix it up and get a decent line last held up fairly well.Are you thinking what I was? This is F%$king ridiculous!
In my infinite wisdom I have created the ultimate eyeliner and spared you all my pain, anger and cracked eyeliner shame I endured.
Now follow me as I explain why its so great and what tools will get you the best results,how to apply it quick and easily, then I'll share with you how to make it last all the way to the bottom of the jar. YES I said you will see the bottom of my  jar!


So what makes Veritas Gel liner better than any other brand? 

It took 6 attempts to get the formulation of this product absolutely perfect and it truly paid off since it is currently our #1 selling product.
The main reason it took so long was I needed it to meet the demands of pro M.U.A's yet be simple enough for every woman to enjoy the benefits and durability without taking 18months of cosmetology courses.
The main difference from all the other gel liners on the market is that I insist on keeping my products natural and using the finest ingredients.But what's made its so popular is that it's the first eyeliner ever that's long wearing,transfer resistant,non flaking,non drying,no smudging,safe for the inner eye (waterline),no smearing,basically I've done away with every BLACK eyeliner problem we have suffered with as long as I can remember. How? By creating a semi permanent eyeliner stain which I like to call  a temporary tattoo.

What do you mean by  temporary tattoo? 

Forget your original thoughts a shiny sticker of a choo choo train or a heart your kids taking your sponge or giant wads of wet toilet paper all over your bathroom just to get some smudged up ink blot that'll ball up and peel but never really completely go away.
  • Veritas redefines the idea of a temporary tattoo as an organic, opaque yet light weight stain.
  • If you have ever seen anyone with tattooed eyeliner you know that after a few months it begins to fade and eventually becomes green and broadens(not so cute) so we agree that tattooing is expensive,painful,not cute and over rated.
  • I often draw on fond personal memories when I'm creating, I remembered that my mother had used henna in her hair when I was a child  and how it was a rage for a while to get henna tattoos,I also thought of the all natural vegetable dyes and  food coloring my sisters and I having hot pink hands for a week after Easter (The light bulb was on) So now we're talking natural and temporary tattooish LOVEE LIKEE.
  • By using natural henna and vegetable dyes I have created a method of a mild stain liner which when applied directly to clean skin will last 3-5 days undisturbed,unless removed with a waterproof eye makeup remover wipe

  •  I recommend neutrogena moisturizing wipes they are my favorite
    These lavender ones work best on dry skin their calming
    leave a pleasant residual moisture

    These Blue wipes work best on sensitive or oily skin their calming on break outs
     don't leave any residual moisture but rather a nice clean finish.

    How do you use a gel liner after so many years with a pencil?

    I won't lie to my ladies it takes a little practice but I considered that in creating the formula you see formula #5 dried almost instantly the professionals loved it but my regular clients weren't thrilled especially if they were trying a cat eye or a pin up look and got there tails slightly higher or lower.
     As I said once its on IT'S ON! I'm talking swimming pool=ON,beach=ON,sunbathing=on, working out=ON, tanning=ON,gardening=ON,triathlon=ON,try me ladies,its not going anywhere without waterproof remover! So just for my new users (who are secretly my favorites) I created our final formula with has an additive that slows the drying time so you get a Q-tip on stand by and if your line is uneven or a Lil to thick just wet it or wrap a remover wipe around it and slim out the uneven part before its sets.
    • I'm going to share some MUA(Make Up Artist) secrets with you to make the idea of giving up your pencils less intimidating.
    •  having the right tools is half the battle so here's what you'll need in order to get the best line with a perfect wing/tail/ending. I suggest a sable brush.You make think such an item is only available at a high end  makeup counter,But that's not neccessarily the case.
    I purchased this no name brush in my local drugstore for $7
    just so I could show you what they look like.

    Now let's get to the good stuff! Secrets,secrets and more secrets..

    • Pro MUA brush secret if you clean your brush after every use it will last you for many years,if it comes with a cap make sure & replace it before you put it away.Never store a brush with liner on it especially not this irremovable liner it will coat the bristles and ruin your application.
    • MAJOR SECRET Pro MUA's often don't ascribe to one set line of brushes and will  purchase actual sable,goat,horse paint brushes in any art supply store for a fraction of the price that you might pay at a high end cosmetic line.
    • Brush wipes are a great way to keep your brushes fresh but if you can't find them in your local store its safe to use your makeup remover wipes.
    • MUA Secret weapon rather than keeping the pot of eyeliner open why not do what the pros do and use an artists spatula to scoop out just a dab and use your brush off of the mixing knife.(In a pinch you can use a flat butter knife but you will end up wasting product) Here's what the mixing knife looks like:
    These are available for purchase at any art or craft store IE:
    Pearl paints,Michael's,A.C.Moore or you can try professional makeup supply houses like Alcone or Makeup Forever,they're generally accompanied by a palette,I don't recommend putting Veritas gel liner on a palette (it will stain).

    Proper Application

    • Make sure your eyelid is clean and dry apply your eyeshadow primer above your lid but your concealer and foundation can wait,if you are wearing eye shadow apply this prior to your liner.
    • Scoop out a small amount and close the jar(you can always go back for more if you run out but you won't.Now gently coat your brush tip with the gel on all sides (DO NOT SMASH YOUR BRUSH BRISTLES) down on the mixing knife,just gently roll the tip.
    • If you are applying to your top lid stay as close to the lash line as possible.
    • When you first touch down the brush to your eye area it's full of paint and will give you a full line so begin at the center of your eyelid and touch down gently(The harder you press the wider the line will become)
    • Beginning at the center just above your pupil draw the line inwards toward your inner eye (toward nose) then dab a touch more liner on your brush tip (if needed) and beginning at the center pull upward and outwards towards your temple.
    • One way to ensure that your lines end up evenly is to use the ends of your eyebrows as a landing point (don't actually draw all the way up to your brows) but do try to end your external line in harmony with the ending of your eyebrows never go past them!
    • Veritas liner is safe for use on the waterline (inside the lash line)This is kind of a no brainer just swipe your brush across the inside of your eye line top and bottom
    • Now that you have you right eye done lol. Use that Q-Tip I told you to have on stand by and clean up any mishaps you may have had,If you're satisfied with your first try then just close your lid and give it a few seconds to set.To speed drying time either fan eye with your hand or hit it with a cool blow dryer.

    I went into great detail here but it's actually quite simple and once you try it you'll be hooked.In a few days I'll post a home made video of exactly how simple it is.

    Click to Order your own Veritas semi-permanent eyeliner

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