All ACCESS All Beauty all the time blog is back in action.

Its been a long time!

As the majority of you know I have been just a wee bit busy & I have slacked on my beauty blogging duties once again! That's the bad news but the good news is that I'm Backkkk! & I'm Badder than ever!Now that I've warned all my favorite peeps I'd like to welcome you yet again to submit your beauty questions to me&remember they don't have to be strictly about Veritas Products (although those are my favorites)But I am also a Hair dresser,Licensed Esthetician (specializing in glycolic,salicilic,lactic acid peels & Micro-dermabrasion)& I was also a manicurist for 10yrs so bring me all your beauty questions&Let's get it crackin like a chiropractor!~Come on Lovers bring me some good topics today.~Love