Beauty Q&A for my Twitter Friends

Dear friends I'd like to thank you for all your input I hope i can answer your questions without a video aid.
Question#1 from my good buddy Karen Archer-Edge
How do I apply false eyelashes without blinding myself or gluing my eyes shut?

A new type of do it yourself lashes have recently hit the market by a company called Kiss they aren't the finest quality yet they did come up with a great concept in how to apply them! They have a red string on either side & there self adhesive so you avoid the mess of applying glue to the rim of the lashes. grab the two red threads on either end & pull them taught draw them inward towards your eye there is a diagram enclosed) as you get them in place secure the inner lashed closest to your nose in place then release 1st side of thread then secure furthest away toward temple & remember to pull this side slightly up again release and allow to dry once they feel secure (15secs) simply draw one side of the thread out & away. Ta Dah! you have lashes!

 These exotic Lashes were designed by myself & adorned the gorgeous amber caputo for the very first Veritas Cosmetics photo shoot,So before you complain Karen be grateful I didn't ask you to wear these. Amber is a great sport these were so heavy!
The finest quality lashes on the market today are naturally Veritas own private collection of lashes from natural to extravagant & long (night time functions) they come in a complete travel case w/a small glass vial of adhesive enclosed, Why a vial as opposed to the tiny tube that's all gunked up in your purse? Easy the cylinder has a plastic cap with a fine pointed stem at the end .you simply dip it into the glue & draw a line on the back of the lash! Once again begin at the center of the eye & work your way out to the farthest side,close your eye (the one you are working in lol) and press downward onto the lash line once it is adhered you are all set/ be careful to use very little glue with this technique because if you apply to much you will effectively glue your lashes together. Another great MUA trick is to grab the lashes sideways with a long tweezer. Hold the tweezer along the lash line once they are in place remove tweezer gently press and use a COOL blow dryer. now to create the illusion that they are natural use a fine black liner ( we recommend) caviar in temp tattoo gel liner and fill in the very corner inside by the waterline. I swear I shall post a video of this & tomorrow I will tackle the questions of the lovely Kathy Mcummings & more. I'm exhausted & I have to get moving xoxoxox nighty night