Attention ladies with brown lipliner on a nude lip color. Lipliner should
be more than one shade deeper than the color of your lipstick. Apparently some women haven't realized how artificial it looks when they use a liner thats much darker than their lipstick.Your winter make up and summer make up should be changed with the seasons just like your wardrobe.So what do you do when you just cant wait to get that sheer nude gloss that looks so sexy on your precious pout but don't want it melting off in the heat? We've got a solution for you..

Veritas introduces "CLEAR" waterproof liner for summer! Prevents even sheer glosses from fading off & bleeding out of your lipline into fine lines or feathering in the creases around your mouth. Your lipstick will last twice as long and you'll look gorgeous all day.No more having to find just the right shade for every lipstick. Now it's just gloss it and GO!

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