What is VERITAS?

In Roman mythology VERITAS is the goddess of truth. A beautiful ,young virgin dressed in flowing white robes.It was said that she was so elusive she lived at the bottom of a holy well atop a hillside outside of the city,Ancient Romans believed that if you approached the holy well with honesty in your heart Veritas would reveal to you, your inner beauty.

That's the philosophy of VERITAS COSMETICS - "Truth in beauty"
It's about revealing your innermost beauty by accenting your best featurea & drawing the focus towards them.

Beginning with simplified skincare:
NO expensive creams,NO harsh chemicals, NO seperate creams for eye,face,throat & decolletage,NO false claims of being all natural or organic.Just pure botanical skincare.The truth revealed 94% natural botanicals like: Pure Shea Butter,Chamomile,Japanese green tea,Aloe,Mango,Essential oils,Coconut cream & Sugar beets to name a few..

Our foundations contain wheat germ & Vitamin E improving elasticity as you heal& camouflage blemishes or discolorations.

Lipcolors that last all day! Vanilla extracts & Cocoa powder make every kiss deliciously unforgettable while Vitamin E keeps lips supple and moist. NO plumping,NO exfoliating,NO collagen boosters just true ingredients to keep lips looking luscious.

Waterproof eyeliner pencils that glide on with out drying or tugging at your delicate eyelids while leaving an opaque line all day even in the pool or at the beach!

Our eyeshadows have creamlike emollients baked into rich pigments so that powder shadows stay true to color and dont dry or crease through out the day like shadows made of compressed powder that give a chalky finish and leave your under eyes looking dusty.

Brushes made of only the finest quality materials including sable, so that every implement that touches your face is as delicate as your skin and leaves a smooth flawless finish,While brushes the require daily washing as foundation,concealer & eyeliner brushes are constructed of sturdy synthetics so not to lose hairs and shed during shampooing.

These are just a few of the beauty truths you can learn with VERITAS. Visit Bonne Jolie salon on 2317 Richmond ave. Staten Island,N.Y.10314 to experience VERITAS, or call 718-477-1011 and book an appointment to reveal your beauty truths with a Veritas artist.


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