1st Annual Chaata.com Event

The ladies of Veritas Cosmetics were honored to be invited to speak at the first ever annual http://www.chaata.com/ power moms dinner. By now your wondering what's a http://www.chaata.com/? It's only the most brilliant social networking tool ever devised for mothers,that's all. You see founder Natalie Licini & a group of mothers got together & decided to take all that information that you can only get from other mothers & make it available free on the internet. So much like Facebook,twitter,mnyspace & blogger All mothers from all areas are welcomed to join & post freely what your experiences are. Do you have trouble getting out in the mornings? maybe someone has a tip for you? Are you looking for a sitter, new carriage,reputable pediatrician,child friendly hair salon? all this and more is available on Chaata.com in addition to member benefits! As a member you are entitled to special discounts in your area.

I found the idea fascinating and the possibilities endless. Women from all walks of life spoke, from homemakers,to publicists,salon owners & photographers. Such an exciting & informative group that I'd highly reccomend attending next years dinner to all.

Veritas Cosmetics spoke about timing your morning beauty routine to make it the most effective,siting that statistically mothers of young children spend less than 6 minutes beautifying themselves in the morning & that includes their skincare regimen!
Here are just a few time conserving suggestions :

1.Take your toothbrush & your facial cleanser in the shower with you.

2.Multi-Functional products are can be your best friends for example Cherry bomb lip & cheek stain by Veritas, it's the size of your average lipgloss tube & it's all your makeup in one! The lip,cheek & eye stain come in 2 colors ( bombs away & licorice) & the opposing end has a high shine gloss wit breath refreshing peppermint oil.

3. Temporary -Tattoo eyeliners from Veritas available in 5 colors (caviar,mink,envy,pinot noir & platinum) the eyeliners come in a gel form in a screw top glass pot, using a fine liner brush glide liner over the tops of eyes and allow to set that's it for 3 -5 days! using your traditional remover you can remove your shadow & mascara but line will remain unless you utilize a waterprof eye make up remover on it.

4.Moisturizers with SPF in them like "Protect "from Veritas eliminate the need for a seperate sun protection during the day.

5.Every mom on the go is a fan of the pony tail, but all that gel,wax & pomade can take a toll on your hair,try usig a heavy conditioning pack (we like kerastase masquintense) and slick wet hair with a comb into your pony tail when hair dries it will hold just as though gel were in it but when you rinse your hair will feel soft & healthier)

These are just a few of the suggestions for mor ideas for moms on the move checkout http://www.chaata.com/

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