What's all the fuss about MINERAL makeup?

Unlike traditional products, mineral makeup, which is based on a hypoallergenic loose powder that naturally nourishes the skin, contains no perfumes, talc, alcohol, dyes, mineral oil or preservatives. Not surprisingly, dermatologists are pleased. Many dermatologists report that mineral makeup frequently eliminates classic "irritants" like fragrances, binders, synthetic dyes, and preservatives so it's actually healthier and can be kinder to the skin. Eliminating irritants means eliminating potential break outs and allergies.

Especially during summer months when the heat leaves your pores open to collect perspiration and makeup creating blackheads and impacted sweat glands.

Clients hates summer break outs yet their addicted to their bronze baby glow.VERITAS saw a solution,by creating healthier bronzing powders from all natural minerals in gorgeous must have shades. You can choose from loose or pressed and always be a bronzed goddess without worrying about your skin.

Visit BonneJolie today and chose your shade of VERITAS Bronzed babies.
or call 718-477-1011 and schedule your makeover with a VERITAS professional.

Peace,Love & Lipstick

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