How to get the most out of your makeover

Whether it's a night on the town or a milestone event in your life,the appearance of your makeup is an important part of your ocassion.Using a professional makeup artist is beneficial in many ways:

~1stly you're eliminating that last minute stress of getting your makeup "just right" and saving yourself prep time.
~2ndly you'll get a whole new perspective on your face,most women tend to stick with a look they feel works and don't alternate many colors or styles simply sticking with what works can get you in a "makeup rut" .Letting a makeup artist try something new is a great way to look great & feel special without making a huge investment.
~3rd A certified / licensed makeup artist is trained specifically in contouring and highlighting your face to disguise flaws and draw attention to your better features thus giving you a more polished look.

Communication is the most important aspect of a professional makeover,have an idea what you like yet be flexible & open to suggestions. We encourage clients to cut out photos from magazines of looks they like but also remind them every face is different and bone structure plays a large part in the look that's right for you. You won't look exactly like Angelina if your blonde n blue eyed.Bring your makeup bag with you,allow your makeup artist to help you decide what needs to be replaced or updated and it allows them the chance to review that your utilizing your tools & makeup to their fullest potential.

When it comes to Bridal makeup a trial is an absolute MUST;this will enable you to get a sense of how you are going to look on your big day.A great tip is to schedule your trial when you have somewhere to go or better yet on the day of your engagement photos,so you'll look perfect in both pictures.If this is not possible then be sure to take a picture of your makeup that day so you know how it will appear in photos.Wedding makeup is alot more complicated than it appears even the most flawless of skins can appear washed out in pictures if not treated properly.Even if you are not a religious makeup user or you don't like the feel of makeup.With the introduction of airbrushing and High Definition products;it's now possible to acheive perfection,without feeling, or looking like you are wearing makeup.Yet wearing the wrong makeup can be immortalized in photos eternally.Here's one simple example everyone likes a little shimmer or a sparkle on their special day yet mica & glitters reflect light in professional lenses and often cause red eye or glare in the photo. A dewy natural skin can be so beautiful on a bride yet without an HD primer dewy becomes oily under photo lamps very quickly.

Last but not least ,take care of your skin,it;s never too late to get a skincare regimen in place.The healthier the skin is the better the makeup will appear.Remove your makeup every night.Use a good moisturizer/eye cream in the A.M & P.M. SPF is important and should be worn daily.Consult with your makeup artist for reccomendations on cleansers,moisturizers,exfoliaters & masks.

Don't forget your makeover is a personal service,get involved,ask questions,do research,Makeup is fun and any reputable makeup artist will love to share with you their educational experiences and opinions on your individual look.It's nice to get referrals from friends but be sure whomever you choose is licensed or certified in the field.Never trust your big day to an amateur.Professionals adhere to strict sanitization standards & will be sure to acheive any look you desire.

Mary Stephens
Resident Educator/MakeUp Artist
VERITAS Cosmetics

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